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Adobe Photoshop is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud and is the software of choice for professionals working with digital images. This Adobe Photoshop course is designed to get you up and running quickly with the essential tools and techniques that you will use on a daily basis.

Learning Outcomes

By the completion of this Adobe Photoshop course you will be able to:

  • Understand the Photoshop interface and workflow
  • Make selections
  • Transform and resize images
  • Work with Layers
  • Understand tone and colour correction
  • Use image retouching techniques
  • Export for Print and Web formats


Photoshop Interface and Workspace

  • Exploring and customising the Photoshop Workspace
  • Working with Image Navigation tools

New Document

  • Creating new documents for Print, Web and Mobile
  • Saving custom size documents


  • Overview of Selection tools in Photoshop
  • Add & Subtract
  • Invert & Deselect
  • Select Subject & Select Object
  • Refine a selection using Select & Mask
  • Colour Range selection
  • Transform a selection

Working with layers

  • Combining images, vector graphics and text
  • Creating and controlling Colour Fills on Layers
  • Changing the layer stacking order
  • Transparency & Blending Modes
  • Transforming layers
  • Adjustment Layers

Working with Type

  • Creating Point type & Area type
  • Changing font & colour
  • Editing text
  • Applying a drop shadow effect
  • When to Rasterizing Type

Colour and Contrast Adjustments

  • Applying Colour Adjustments
  • Adjusting Contrast & Lighting
  • Creating Solid Fills & Gradients

Resizing Images

  • Understanding resizing and re-sampling
  • Cropping & straightening images
  • Resizing an image for printing


  • Creating standard & custom shapes
  • Drawing lines
  • Adding Fill & Stroke


  • Cloning and healing for removing unwanted content
  • Using Content-Aware Fill
  • The Spot Healing Brush
  • The Patch Tool
  • The Healing Brush
  • The Clone Stamp
  • The Red Eye Tool

Layer Masks

  • Create a Layer Mask
  • Using the brush tools to hide and reveal
  • Create a Clipping Mask

Animated GIFs

  • Create an animation within the Timeline
  • Export an animated GIF

Save and Export

  • Export images for Print
  • Save images for Web
  • Save a PSD and PDF

Intended audience

This introductory Adobe Photoshop course requires little or no prior knowledge of the software. Participants with a working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop will also find this Photoshop course very useful, as it aims to go beyond the basics.

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