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  • No prior experience needed

Learn the all-new Adobe Captivate 2024 Edition with Adobe Captivate courses in Sydney or online

Live Online Scheduled Zoom classes

Join an online live interactive Zoom training course. Follow along with the instructor through the course exercises files and ask questions. You will need to install Zoom Client for Meetings and the Adobe software on your own computer. Zoom is free to download and Adobe offer a free 7-day trial.

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Build engaging, interactive eLearning applications using the all-new 2024 edition of Adobe Captivate software. This Adobe Captivate course will provide an introduction to this powerful eLearning application and teach you to produce interactive simulations, online training videos, quizzes, test simulations, and software demonstrations.

Say hello to the widget gallery as you design immersive experiences. Author just once and see your content automatically adapt to different screen sizes. Achieve greater success through teamwork as you seamlessly share your projects for review.

Learning Outcomes

By the completion of this Adobe Captivate course, you will be able to:

  • Get acquainted with the all-new 2024 version of Adobe Captivate
  • Showcase your ideas with stunning visuals.
  • Get the perfect look for your content using design options, rich media assets and templates.
  • Reimagine eLearning for learners who are on the move, using responsive design.
  • Capture your learners’ attention with the included widget gallery.
  • Add Images and Text, and create & save your own themes.
  • Add Quizzes
  • Export a SCORM-compliant file for an LMS


Captivate interface overview

  • Captivate interface overview
  • Navigating & Zooming
  • Previewing Projects

Creating a Project

  • Setting up a blank project
  • Quick Start Projects
  • Adding Slides
  • Inserting Blocks and selecting Components
  • Using the Properties panel


  • Saving and sharing Themes
  • Theme Manager

Recording Demos & Simulations

  • Record a Demonstration
  • Record an Assessment & Training Simulation


  • Insert an Image blocks
  • Set Image Size
  • Crop and replace an image
  • Create an Image Transparency

Buttons and Interactive Components

  • Insert a Text input fields
  • Insert a Button
  • Insert Radio and checkboxes


  • Overview of the panel
  • Set timings
  • Add interaction Markers
  • Moving objects around in the Timeline


  • Import Audio to slide, background
  • Editing Audio
  • Recording a Microphone

Video, Animation Effects

  • Add Slide Video
  • Import Closed Captions
  • Add Animation to objects & Slides

Working With PowerPoint

  • Import PowerPoint slides


  • Add Click to reveal widgets
  • Add Click to Card and Tab widgets
  • Working with drag-and-drop widgets
  • Certificates


  • Quiz Preferences
  • Adding multiple choice and true and false question slides
  • Setting Quiz options
  • Quiz Remediation


  • Create user and system Variables
  • Advanced interactions using variables


  • Accessibility text
  • Tab order


  • Publish Settings
  • Export as HTML5
  • Export a Scorm-compliant zip file

Intended audience

This introductory Adobe Captivate course requires little or no prior knowledge of the software. Participants with a working knowledge of Adobe Captivate will also find this course very useful, as it aims to go beyond the basics.

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Over 15 years experience

Learn Adobe Captivate online or in Sydney from an Adobe industry training expert with over 15 years of Adobe training experience

Over 15 years experience

Learn Adobe Captivate online or in Sydney from an instructor with over 15 years of Adobe training experience

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